Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Park View Owners’ Association (PVOA)?

The PVOA is an association of all residential property owners including multifamily  properties in Park View.

Who is in the PVOA?

All property owners who hold a title to property in Park View are automatically a member of the Association.

What does the PVOA do?

PVOA holds title to all common areas with our main responsibility to promote the recreation, health, safety and welfare of the residents according to our by-laws and restrictive covenants. All maintenance, improvements and enhancements of the shared property areas is accomplished by the collection of our annual membership assessments, currently set at $100.00 per year. PVOA also helps with following the master plan, regulations and architectural control, while providing a communication system through a monthly Park View Profile and now our web page, parkviewiowa.com.

What doesn’t the PVOA do?

The maintenance of roads including snow plowing and law enforcement are handled by Scott County.

The Long Grove Volunteer Fire Department provides fire protection along with E.M.S.

Water and Sewer services are provided by the Park View Water and Sanitary District.  https://www.facebook.com/parkviewiwatersanitarydistrict/?rf=163297207022230

Trash pickup in Park View is by contract with a private hauler at the individual resident’s choice.

What am I responsible for?

You must have a light in your front yard.  Park View has no streetlights and the yard lights help keep our community safe.

You must pay your annual assessment of $100 per living unit.

You must first get approval from both the PVOA and Scott County before making any exterior improvements, such as adding a garage, pool, or shed.  Relevant forms are below.



You must keep your lawn free from debris and weeds and the grass must be mowed to under 10 inches.

Do dogs have to be on leashes?

Yes,  dogs must be on leashes when they are not on your property.