Changes to Your Property

If you are planning a project on the outside of your house or in your yard, like a fence, pool or shed, please fill out an Architectural Improvement Application. The board will look at the request and will make a determination according to the covenants and Scott County zoning codes. The county will ask for a copy of this signed request with PVOA approval before issuing a building permit. PVOA will make every effort to quickly return your request so as not to delay your project. This simple process could prevent having to deal with costly adjustments that do not meet the covenants or Scott County codes. In addition, Dexter Acres is now covered by the PVOA and not Mel Foster Realty for project approval. This process is meant to protect you and your neighbors from projects that have a negative impact on the appearance or value of nearby properties. Park View is a beautiful community to live in and this will help to ensure that it will continue its appealing appearance, its prosperity, and growth into the future.

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